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Registration for makers for 2015 is officially closed. If you would like your project to be added to the wait list we may select additional makers who apply after the deadline. Click on the button “Makers Apply Here” below.




Meet the Makers: Quilts by Kris


Kris was part of the Mini Makerfaire last year and she had some of her fantastic work on display and was demonstrating her quilting techniques.  We are fortunate that she is able to return this year.

Drone Racer-X Competitions

Meet the Makers: Kalani Falcon Makerlab

Kalani Falcons

Kalani High School students create a variety of low, medium, and high-tech DIY projects that are: 1) cool 2) cheap to make 3) fulfilling a student’s need to create something with his/her own hands and mind.  They will be demonstrating interactive sensors that respond to environmental stimuli that connect to physical actuators that do something (turn on, turn off, turn and spin, create a sound, etc.)

Meet the Makers: Wood Toys


Evan Knight has been making wooden toys for years.  Kubb (Viking Chess) was one of his first creations.  Some of his past projects have been 50 Waddling ducks, a great toy for small children, an 8ft slingshot waterballoon launcher and something he always wanted to make:  Huge Jenga.  His latest creation is BattleShots. A version of Battleship.

Meet the Makers: Using found materials to make cool stuff


JMH Productions makes things from scratch, using found materials to make art. They have built 9ft robots and various other creations from things found on the side of the street or in dumpsters.

Meet the Makers: Blacksmithing for Kids


Angry Sappier will be demonstrating blacksmithing and teaching kids blacksmithing techniques using clay and kid sized blacksmithing sets.

Meet the Makers: ‘Iolani School Fabrication


A showcase of projects created by ‘Iolani School’s Students and Faculty.  The Honolulu Mini Maker Faire is being hosted by ‘Iolani at their Sullivan Center for Innovation and Excellence.

Meet the Makers: Makers at Punahou

Students will be sharing a variety of items created at Punahou. The makers will be showing everything from engineering and robotics to art, 3D printing and laser cut projects. Visitors will be able to control a robot designed, programmed and built by an all girls middle school team too! It will be an interesting array of items all created by the children of Punahou.

Meet the Makers: Open Source Scientific Instruments

A group from the University of Hawaii designs and develops affordable, open source scientific instrumentation.   They are using 3D printing, microcontrollers, and the open source community to bring basic chemistry and environmental monitoring instruments to high school and college labs, as well as citizens interested in monitoring there surroundings. Some of the instruments they have designed are a potentiostat, syringe pump, spectrometer, turbidity sensor, and data loggers.

Meet the Makers: Want to be a Super Programmer?

DevLeague is a Super-Intense Programming Bootcamp. If you are a novice programmer with very little to moderate web programming skills, you will learn full-stack Javascript so that you are prepared with the tools and skills you need to become a programmer today.