Monthly Archives: April 2015

Meet the Makers: Aloha Knitters


Demonstrations and hands-on activities based on the fiber arts, including knitting, crochet, weaving, and/or spinning. Teachers will be available throughout to day for beginning knitting as well as other fiber arts. Children over 10 and adults are welcome to participate. Children under 10 will have supplies available for practice play. Demonstrations in fiber prep using ancient fiber processing tools will happen periodically throughout the day.

Meet the Makers: Utopiart Studios


Superior Cosplay Through 3D Printing.  Learn how to improve your looks and designs with features small to large with 3D printing!

Meet the Makers: Computational Thinkers


Computational Thinkers® is an out-of-school program teaching children to solve all kinds of problems with the power of computing. Students, aged preK to early middle school are learning to use the techniciques used by Computer Scientist and apply them to real world scenarios. These techniques include abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition, algorithm construction, porgramming and much more.


Meet the Makers: Khanate of the Golden Horde


The Khanate of the Golden Horde is a Living History Society/Reenactment/Martial arts group dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, crafts and skills of the 1200s-1500s Mongolian Empire. Members are encouraged to represent persona from any culture that may have had a presence at the Khan’s Court during this time. Cultures ranging from what is Modern day Russia to the north, Europe to the west, Japan to the east and the modern Middle East.

Meet the Makers: Showdown in Chinatown


Showdown in Chinatown presentation will be a motion sensor system that will display the interactivity of ferrofluid.

Meet the Makers: Action-Packed!


Action-Packed! will have props on display made using insulation foam, foam-core, and 3D printed parts.  Small-scale models and toys made with the same techniques.

Meet the Makers: Cardboard Cosplay


You don’t need fancy materials to make exceptional costumes!  Jesse will be demonstrating the use of cardboard in costuming and prop making.  Also the steps to understanding how to make what you want and tricks to making them last.

Meet the Makers: Kaua’i Makerspace


Kaua’i Makerspace will be demonstrating ferro fluid.  A fascinating material that responds to magnetic fields.  Also using conductive ink to create electrical circuits.  Instead of using wires and solder, creating a circuit is as easy as drawing or painting a line.


Less Than 2 Weeks To Go!


May 9th, have you reserved the date?!  We are less than 2 weeks away and the list of things to see include: 3D printing, Virtual Reality, blacksmithing, Lego, robotics, Minecraft, costuming, modeling, Raspberry Pi, drones – including a drone competition, musical instruments, astronomy, and way more!

Meet the Makers: Aloha R/C Heli Club


Interested in multi-rotor (drone) aircraft?  The Aloha R/C Heli Club will be at the Makerfaire with some examples.