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JHM spinning rig

Video of 360 rig with some of the people who attended and volunteered to try out the JHM spinning rig at the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire on 9 May at ‘Iolani.

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Recap of 2015 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire

See Jeffrey Eliasen and Brian Chee discuss some of the events that drew over 1000 attendees to last week’s 2nd Annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire at ‘Iolani School on Think Tech Hawaii with Ted Ralston

Wow! Fantastic event!

Thank you to all the makers and the attendees for making this year’s event even better than last year’s.  Drones were flying all over the baseball field and the blacksmith was creating sparks.  The third floor was busy from noon and didn’t start to taper off until 4.  But even during the final hour there were so many people talking and sharing ideas.  There were a lot of people on the fourth floor watching the giant Jenga game.   Bristle bots were scurrying around, great Lego builds were going on.  The Raspberry Pi class was overflowing, with at least as many people watching the class as there were actual students.

If you attended this year’s event, could you take some time and fill out this survey?  We would like some feedback and start planning for next year’s event.


Also, we would appreciate any assistance that can be provided to help us keep this event free and open to the entire community.  Donate Now  and join the other members of the community who helped us to put on the 2nd annual event. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Our non-profit fiscal sponsor is Interisland Terminal.  Under the program tab, please remember to choose “Other” and enter “Honolulu Mini Maker Faire”. As an all-volunteer planned and run event, we need the support of the community!

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Latest Schedule

event schedule_050715

Latest Schedule of Events and Locations

We just hit a major milestone with over 1000 people registering to attend Honolulu’s Second Annual Mini Maker Faire.  We will have over 40 makers, drone races, and presentations from makers throughout Hawaii.  Don’t miss another great event starting at 12 pm and ending at 5 pm.  For free tickets sign up at

Meet the Makers: The Makery, Hilo

The Makery provides access to hand tools, conventional machines, computer aided design (CAD) programs, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, supported by expert instructors and mentors. Empowers companies and individuals for 21st Century manufacturing in Hawaii by providing them with the necessary resources to make products that people need and value.  They will be bringing some puzzles and models that their members have made.

Meet the Makers: The Little Greenies


Little Greenies:  Make your own forest character!
Create from your imagination a hands-on Little Greenie using natural materials such as leaves, flowers and branches.

Meet the Makers: Hawaii Lego Users Group


The Hawaii Lego Users Group is a group of LEGO®  builders, collectors and fans dedicated to spreading the joy of plastic brick building in Hawaii and further afield.  They will be displaying some models from local builders and have a free play area with a huge pile of Lego for you to build your own creation.

Honolulu Mini Maker Faire on Think Tech

Alan Solidum of the Honolulu Mini Maker Faire, Carl Lozar, President of Kauai Makers and Michael Armstrong, Vice President of Kauai Makers, discussed the maker movement and what we can expect to see at this year’s second annual Honolulu Mini Maker Faire!

Meet the Makers: UH Institute for Astronomy


The Institute for Astronomy (IfA) is a research institute within the University of Hawai‘i.  They will be helping attendees build their own hand-held spectroscope using a cereal box, CD, and a few other household items, and use it to see how they learn what stars, planets and galaxies are made of.

Meet the Makers: Ho’okani Music Company


Reid, the owner of Ho’okani Music Company creates handmade musical instruments.  In addition to ukuleles, he created the unique Pahulele, a box uke with a removable neck for easy transport.  He also conducts classes where students with little to no woodworking experience can build their own ukulele using simple hand tools.