Wow! Fantastic event!

Thank you to all the makers and the attendees for making this year’s event even better than last year’s.  Drones were flying all over the baseball field and the blacksmith was creating sparks.  The third floor was busy from noon and didn’t start to taper off until 4.  But even during the final hour there were so many people talking and sharing ideas.  There were a lot of people on the fourth floor watching the giant Jenga game.   Bristle bots were scurrying around, great Lego builds were going on.  The Raspberry Pi class was overflowing, with at least as many people watching the class as there were actual students.

If you attended this year’s event, could you take some time and fill out this survey?  We would like some feedback and start planning for next year’s event.


Also, we would appreciate any assistance that can be provided to help us keep this event free and open to the entire community.  Donate Now  and join the other members of the community who helped us to put on the 2nd annual event. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Our non-profit fiscal sponsor is Interisland Terminal.  Under the program tab, please remember to choose “Other” and enter “Honolulu Mini Maker Faire”. As an all-volunteer planned and run event, we need the support of the community!

Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (#hnlmkf), and share your photos/videos with us on those sites, as well as flickr ( and tag them on instagram (#hnlmkf) .

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