2017 Makers

Would you like to participate in the 2017 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire?  We will be opening our Call for Makers soon.  Keep an eye on this page.

These are the Makers that were part of the 2016 Honolulu Mini Maker Faire:

Oahu Makerspace, The 8-Bit 808, R2-D2 Builders Club, SciFi Spaceship Models, Great Big Games, Kauai Makerspace, JHM Productions, Kalani Falcon Makerlab, Aloha Knitters, Barnes & Noble Maker Product Demo, Makers at Punahou, Build a Hero, Jr. DevLeague Academy, Maui Makers, The IMAG Academy LAB, Ghostbusters Hawaii Division, Computational Thinkers, hapa blacksmith in Hawaii, littleBits Workshop with Little Oha Bitty Bytes, Great Big Games, Iobotics, Drones, Product Development & Prototyping, Iolani School, TEDxHonolulu, and Full STEAM Ahead!

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