These are the workshops being held in the Seminar room on the third floor of the Sullivan Center.  Limited seats are available for each session.

 Time                     Presentation
12:30 – 1:15 PM  Maui Makers (“The Maker Movement”)
1:30 –   2:15 PM  The Makery, Hilo (“Empowering individuals to invent their own future”)
2:30 –   3:30 PM  Drone 101 (“Drone Safety and Systems Modeling”)
3:45 –   4:15 PM  Oceanit (“Computer Vision Made Easier”)

Soldering Workshop

Sign up for one of the limited slots at our free soldering workshop.  This is a great introduction to soldering.

Internet of Things, Build a Raspberry Pi media server

raspberry pi 2Sign up for one of the limited slots to learn about the building blocks of the Internet of Things and how a tiny $35 single board computer called the Raspberry Pi has become one of the most popular starting points for automating everything from plant watering and hydroponics, to internet surveillance cameras to robots.

Other Hands-on activities
There will also be numerous hands on projects throughout the day with a variety of makers.

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